Vories and his Christian Missionary Work 


Vories wanted to be an architect when he entered University of Colorado in 1900 when he was 19 years and 11 months old. He changed his mind and decided to preach Christianity outside of the United States when he joined the student mission assembly in Tronto, Canada in 1902 and was very impressed by Ms. Taylor's lecture. Consequently, he changed his major to philosophy and graduated from the university in 1904.

He became strongly interested in working directly with people rather than attending a seminary to receive formal training.

After quitting the Shiga Prefectural Commercial School, he continued to preach Christianity while working as an architect and a businessman, achieving steady success.

One of his unique preaching approaches was his mission boat, the Galilee-Maru sailing on Biwa Lake.

Naturally, many of the buildings he designed were related to Christianity. These buildings are seen not only in Shiga Prefecture but throughout Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

The Galilee-Maru which was used for his missionary work around Biwa Lake. It was named after the Galilee Lake where Jesus Christ preached his gospel. It was contributed by A. A. Hyde, Chairman of the Board of Mentholatum. Vories came back from the United States with his parents and Etsuzo Yoshida on a ship carrying this boat. The bar in the middle of the boat was used as a mast in case its engine broke down.